Co-driving a CS prepped 2013 Scion FRS

October 15th, 2015 No comments

So, in my quest to figure out what autocross class to run my new 2013 Scion FRS in, I hit up a friend of mine who has a well setup C-Street prepped FRS of his own for a co-drive. Check out how things went as I jump back into a CS classed car since driving my Miata’s and the RX-8.

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Project FRS has begun – My 2013 Scion FRS

October 14th, 2015 No comments

Well, after a couple of years of really wanting to buy one of these cars, I finally gave in and bought a 2013 Scion FRS in the Hot Lava color! The car is in fantastic condition, just under 11k miles, and a perfect fit for my next autocross racer project :)

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RMSolo Autocross event #10

October 12th, 2015 No comments

Well, the last event for my Project 325 in the STX class came to end. Had a great day from a competition point of view and a lot of fun as well!

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2015 SCCA Solo National Championship race report!

October 9th, 2015 No comments

Finally I have my video released from the 2015 SCCA Solo National Championship! We had a great time and met some cool people. The event went well and although I ended mid-pack, it was still a ton of fun driving the big Nationals courses. The race report video can be found below!

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Installed an aFe air filter in my Lexus IS-F

October 8th, 2015 No comments

Minor upgrade to my Lexus IS-F recently. Popped in an aFe Power air filter to replace the stock unit. Check out the howto video here!

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Happy Radiator!

August 21st, 2015 No comments

Well, my Project 325 BMW is back on the track! I had to replace the radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses, sensors, and expansion tank. Everything is running great and we had a good results in our last SCCA autocross event. Check out the details in the video.

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Lexus IS-F stock exhaust sound vs. JoeZ PTS exhaust

August 20th, 2015 No comments

We installed a JoeZ PTS full exhaust system on my 2011 Lexus IS-F recently. A fantastic product and a good price! Also, it comes with a mean sound that really brings the 5.0L V8 in the IS-F to life! Check out the sound comparison I did between the stock Lexus IS-F exhaust and aftermarket JoeZ PTS exhaust system.

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First autocross in my Lexus IS-F

August 19th, 2015 No comments

So I have had my Lexus IS-F for about a year now. I recently got it out to an autocross event for the first time and it was quite the experience! The IS-F has over 400hp and 380lbft of torque, which made for an interesting day of learning car control :) Check out the video below!

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Radiator go Boom

July 26th, 2015 No comments

Well, my last autocross event with BMW club was no so successful. During the first run of the morning my radiator decided to spring a leak and as a result, my 1994 BMW 325is was slipping and sliding all over the course. Not good, and not to safe for myself nor the driver behind me :( Check out all the details in my latest YouTube video!

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SCCA Spring Nationals 2015

June 22nd, 2015 No comments

This year I took my Project 325 BMW to Lincoln, NE for the 2015 SCCA autocross Spring Nationals. It was a fantastic experience and wow, is that site the pinnacle for autocross! My co-driver and I had a good time and the BMW drove great. Check out the latest video for all the details and on-course footage!

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